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Triumph Ads

These ads are from BritBox's own personal collection. Yes, that is exciting information. Please click on the thumbnails to view the full-size images. BritBox loves the way that Triumph used to challenge their prospective buyers; by daring a customer to decide if he or she was "good enough" or "sporty enough" to drive one of these fine cars.


 Triumph 2000 "Introducing the new Triumph 2000 sedan"




  Triumph 2000 "The top-gear man buys a Triumph for what's under the hood"




  Triumph GT6 "It feels great doing 70. It looks great doing nothing."





  Triumph Herald 13/60 "The number one number two car"





  Triumph Herald 1200 "Who says an economy car has to drive like one?"







  Triumph Herald 1200 "Who says a second car has to look like one?"




  Triumph TR3 "World's greatest stopping power"





  Triumph TR4 "It won its first medal standing still"




Triumph TR7 "It doesn't create an image. It confirms one."

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